My Muddy Life: Gearing Up For Tough Mudder Colorado

My Muddy Life - Tough Mudder Colorado

Tough Mudder Colorado Right Around The Corner!

It’s not too late! If you want to join us for Tough Mudder Colorado, jump over there and register RIGHT NOW.

We’re just a week out from our first prep race in Byers, CO. Has training gone according to plan? Absolutely not.

Does that mean inevitable disaster? Absolutely not.

Compared to how I’ve prepared for Mudders in the past, my prep over the past 3 months has been a lot better. This race in Colorado will be a great way to check our training progress and see where we need to make adjustments.

My guess is we will need to increase our monkey bar training, and our upper body strength training.

I’m encouraged by the lack of leg cramps I’ve had when I’ve increased my distance on training runs. In the past, at about mile-8 my legs start cramping. That has been my primary issue that’s held me back.

In a perfect world, Dalton and I will be able to get 20 miles in 8 hours for this race.

The biggest question mark is if our legs can hold up for that. That wouldn’t typically be an issue for Dalton, but this is the biggest test since his ACL surgery in March. No guarantees for either of us, but we’re going to give it our best run.

Life Will Always Get In The Way

One of the primary tests of these races is not how well you can execute the perfect race plan. It’s actually how well you handle your race plan going off the rails. Because it’s going to go off the rails. Whether it’s blisters, or cramps, or adverse weather, or a fall, or some other form of adversity outside of your control, something is going to happen.

Training should be no different. Life is going to get in the way.

You’re going to be tired from your day.

You’re going to not feel good sometimes.

You’re going to have injuries and illness pop up.

The weather is almost never going to cooperate.

Leaning into these situations, rather than recoiling because of them, will better prepare us for things to go wrong on race day.

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Trade Shows and Brutal Heat

It’s summer in Texas, which means 2 things: trade shows come to town, and so does the brutal heat.

If you’ve ever done a trade show you understand it can be a beating. 4 days straight, on your feet the majority of the day. It becomes a form of training.

When you combine the busy schedule with brutal heat, the midnight hours become the only times available for training.

Needless to say, running 5+ miles after midnight isn’t exactly easy to get myself motivated to do when I’ve been on my feet all day, and then wrestled my kids to bed. I just want to relax and recharge. Maybe watch a meaningless show.

It’s in those moments that we have the most to gain by going out and getting after it anyway. It may not be your best run, but you stand to gain so much because you overcame a big psychological battle. You logged mileage when you otherwise wouldn’t have.

A word of caution. When you are grinding the majority of your waking hours, you MUST prioritize self-care. Your immune system will be tested, and if you aren’t replenishing the nutrients you are buying through, you can get sick very quick… armor up!

Training Progress

Distance ran since training began: 220 miles

Best 1-mile time: 7:06

Best 10k time: 50:35

Elevation gained: 6,263 ft

Aiming to get another 10-15 miles in before the race next week.

Side Mission Update

We’re a couple weeks into the side mission – bulk up the brother-in-law. We’ve gotten a couple of leg days and a couple of upper body days under our belts, and he’s already up to 152 from 150. Getting some fundamentals down will enable us to do some more intense work.

My goals are around increasing my upper body and grip strength, not as much weight related. Upper body and grip strength are going to be very important for the WTM in November.

You won’t always feel like it, but get out there can get after it. You won’t regret it.

Feel better today, y’all!

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