Is IcyHot The Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream?

muscle pain relief cream

IcyHot certainly could be the best muscle pain relief cream, but before trying to determine that, we should agree on what “the best” actually means.

We think someone else might be the best…

What Makes The Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream?

There’s a very simple answer to this question – the best one is the one that works the best. Right?

If you’re reaching for a muscle pain relief cream, you’re ultimately reaching for minimized pain and maximized mobility. Is that fair to say?

Then the question becomes – what is the best cream for minimizing pain and maximizing mobility?

The Ingredients That Actively Work For You

Menthol and camphor are the two primary active ingredients in many IcyHot products. Menthol produces a cooling sensation when applied to the skin, while camphor produces warmth and helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Capsaicin is another compound that can be used in similar ways as camphor, so what’s the difference?

IcyHot vs Life Leaf Remedies Deep Comforts Pain Cream

Bring the Heat

Both capsaicin and camphor are popular compounds for topical pain management, and both are quite effective at their jobs, but in different ways.

Camphor is not particularly helpful overtime. It is effective for quick but temporary relief.

Capsaicin actually becomes more effective with consistent use over time. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it effective at helping certain chronic conditions. Then the improved blood flow to the area of application can assist with the healing process.

Camphor Can’t Hurt… Right?

Actually camphor can cause chemical burns if exposed to skin in high concentrations. The safe concentration of camphor in over-the-counter products is typically below 11%. This also means you need to be mindful about how much you apply at one time. Sometimes it can be tempting to keep applying a pain cream, especially if your pain is more intense.

Icy Hot is going to have a limit on how much you can safely apply at one time. If you’ve ever experienced a burn that seemed a little too intense – borderline chemical burn – after applying Icy Hot, that’s probably why.

Oh and this probably goes without saying, but definitely do not eat it. Camphor IS NOT intended for ingestion, as it is toxic and has serious consequences if ingested. In the case of over-exposure causing chemical burns, or ingestion, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Camphor certainly has benefits as well. In this case with Icy Hot it’s being used to help with pain management. It does this with a process called counterirritation, which essentially distracts the brain from pain signals.

It can also have some anti-inflammatory properties, but not as potent as other popular compounds like capsaicin.

It’s important to note that while camphor can be effective in providing temporary relief for minor aches and pains, it’s not a substitute for medical treatment in the case of serious or chronic pain conditions. Always use camphor-containing products as directed and consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns about pain management.

Here’s what people smarter than us have to say about camphor: Link

Capsaicin is the Safer One

That’s right, this is the one that comes from chili peppers. Capsaicin is the active compound that gives peppers their heat.

Should you ingest a topical with capsaicin in it? Absolutely not. Topicals are created as topicals for a reason – they are not meant to be ingested.

Can capsaicin cause chemical burns? Not typically.

It can definitely cause a burning sensation, and can cause skin irritation if over-exposed to the skin, but nothing like what you are at risk with when using camphor.

Now, you can still potentially be allergic to capsaicin. It’s not uncommon for someone to be allergic to peppers because they’re allergic to capsaicin. So please be aware of your own circumstances when trying something like capsaicin, and consult with your healthcare professional when trying to manage pain in general.

How does capsaicin compare to camphor when it comes down to helping you?

Capsaicin is going to require consistent application over time to gain the full effect, and it’s going to do more to reduce pain rather than just temporarily masking it.

It’s important to use capsaicin-containing products as directed. Improper use will almost certainly not be enjoyable, and can be potentially harmful. No one wants that.

Here’s what people smarter than us have to say about capsaicin: Link.

So What Is The Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream?

At this point, if you think IcyHot is the best muscle pain relief cream, our definition of “best” probably doesn’t align.

Let’s review.

Icy Hot Pro:

  • Menthol + Camphor
  • Only good for temporary relief
  • Contains preservatives like parabens
  • Over-application causes chemical burns
  • More expensive

Life Leaf Deep Comforts Rub:

  • Menthol + Capsaicin
  • Good for long-term relief
  • No parabens
  • Over-application can cause temporary irritation
  • Contains hemp extract to improve absorption
  • Less expensive

Icy Hot is good at what it does, no doubt about that.

Is it the best?

You won’t be able to know that for sure until you try something that thinks it’s better.

If you think Icy Hot is better than Deep Comforts, reach out to and tell us your story. I will personally pay you back for your Deep Comforts purchase.

Deep Comforts for This World’s Toughest Mudder

I recently ran in a 24-hour obstacle course race called the World’s Toughest Mudder. It’s a 5-mile course, and you have 24 hours to do as many laps as you can. I got 10 laps – 50 miles.

On lap-3 (about 12.5 miles in) my legs cramped up really bad, and I reached for the Deep Comforts, not Icy Hot or any other muscle pain relief cream.

When I say I applied generously, I probably used more than 25% of one tube on my right quad (not recommended). It did burn quite a bit, but within in an hour the burn was gone and the relief allowed me to go through the night to get to 50 miles.

This is just my story. Hopefully it can help you decide if Life Leaf’s Deep Comforts can be part of your story.

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