How To Stop A Cold When You Feel It Coming? Armor Up.

How to stop a cold when you feel it coming?

Back-to-School Season Is Here! And So Are The Runny Noses…

You did it. You survived summer and you got your kid(s) back in school for another school year. You also completely forgot, once again, what always comes home from school. All the germs.

Now you find yourself searching “how to stop a cold when you feel it coming?”, in hopes of making the less-than-convenient cold a little easier to handle. Good news – you can beat that cold quicker and easier with natural remedies. You can also give yourself a better chance of dodging it entirely next season.

How to Stop a Cold When You Feel It Coming? – Recognize Symptoms Early

The sooner you can recognize symptoms of a cold, the better off you’ll be in defending against it. You can potentially even prevent the cold from developing further if you are equipped with the knowledge to identify the early symptoms.

First Signs of a Cold

Don’t do the thing where you pretend you aren’t sick, hoping it will just go away tomorrow, knowing full well that it’s only going to get worse. When you start feeling less than good, try to recognize these early symptoms, and get your defensive strategy in motion:

  • Runny / stuffy nose
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Body aches

Now let’s talk about what to do when you start to notice any one of these symptoms. You should have a plan to spring your immune system into action as quick as possible.

Natural Remedies For The Win!

You could just take a little vitamin C and hope for the best, OR you could implement a full-court press with simple natural remedies.

  1. Hydrate! Drink lots of water and mix in an electrolyte drink a couple times a day. Stop drinking all sugary drinks until you’re feeling better. The sugar works against your immune system.
  2. Reduce carbs, increase nutrient-rich foods. Carbs(sugars) can work against your immune system. You want to reduce calories from carbs and increase calories from nutrient-rich foods. Think: lean protein, berries, citrus, veggies, and nuts. Think of your immune system as a machine that works better when given premium fuel. If you have a cold coming on, you need that machine in prime operating condition, so give it that premium fuel. Homemade chicken broth is loaded with nutrients that help boost your immune system. Try this recipe!
  3. Supplementation. Armor up, y’all! If you take a daily immune supplement, double down on it until your symptoms have passed. If you don’t take a daily immune supplement, this is a great time to start! A good immune support supplement will have some combination of vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and other nutrients that have immune supporting properties. We happen to know a particularly good immune support supplement.
  4. Rest. Your body does its best fighting when you are asleep. If you feel a cold coming on, get to bed early and let your body get to work defending itself. There’s a delicious gummy to help with that if sleep is something you struggle with.

If you immediately take action in these four areas, you have a much better chance of stopping or significantly weakening that oncoming cold before ever reaching for the common cold medicine that has way too many ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

Now, of course, you should always consult with your healthcare professional before trying something new, and if your cold seems to be getting worse. These recommendations we’ve made are simply natural steps to help you improve your chances of stopping or weakening an oncoming cold. Sometimes that cold still finds its way, and a doctor is going to be your best

Natural Steps to Preventing the Next Cold

You’ve covered how to stop a cold when you feel it coming, but now you want to stop a cold BEFORE you feel it coming.

You could find yourself a nice plastic bubble to roam around in, and try to avoid contact with germs ever again. If that sounds a little less than convenient to you, there are other natural steps you can take to build up the strength of your immune system.

If your well-being depended on you being able to lift heavy things, you would probably make sure your muscles were strong enough to lift heavy things. Just the same, your well-being does depend on your immune system being able to fight off things that make you sick, so you should make sure it is strong enough to defend you properly.

Cold prevention starts with the steps listed above: hydration, diet, rest, and supplementation. One thing that would be added to the prevention list that would not exist on the response list, is exercise. Once you feel a cold coming on exercising isn’t going to help as much. It’s going to deplete your body even more than it already is from trying to fight off the oncoming cold.

How to stop a cold when you feeling it coming? Exercise
Young woman exercising to stay healthy.

As a preventative measure, exercise can be excellent. It can also encourage some of the other things on the list like hydration, proper diet and rest. Get out there and breathe that fresh oxygen, soak up some vitamin D, and sweat a little bit. Your immune system will thank you later.

Finally, supplementation! If you are already doing the basics pretty well, but want to give your immune system even more of a boost, then supplementation is your natural next step.

Armor Up, Yall!

I’m sure your diet is fantastic. You’ve researched all the things and decided the exactly perfect diet for you, and you are walking the walk. That’s great, but even then you probably aren’t consistently getting all of the nutrition your immune system could use.

Here are some of the more common nutrients found in a good immune supplement:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc

Those are foundational nutrients for your immune system. Most immune support supplements are going to have those in some amount. You aren’t here for basics though. You’re here because you want to level up immune system game.

Here are some additional nutrients that have been shown to be beneficial to your immune system:

  • Quercetin
  • Cordyceps
  • Hemp extracts

These not only have immune support benefits on their own, but they have also been shown to be synergistic with the first 3 mentioned. Meaning when these nutrients are joined together their benefits are multiplied beyond what they are capable of on their own.

Where can you find a supplement that includes all of these nutrients? It’s called Immune Armor and it’s right here. Armor up, y’all.

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Natural Remedies for Your Life

We are here because, like you, we believe there’s a better way to take care of our bodies than harsh, unnatural pills and chemicals. It’s a lifestyle. Small habits today can prevent big issues tomorrow.

Let us know how we can help you feel better today!

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