Better By Nature Podcast: Parker Olson – Adventure, Mushrooms, and Entrepreneurship

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On this episode of the Better By Nature Podcast, I am joined by Parker Olson, Founder of FORIJ. FORIJ makes superfood granola that combines mushrooms and natural extracts that benefit cognition by delivering essential brain nutrients. Nutrition for your noggin, from mushrooms. 

In addition to FORIJ, Parker is also a Certified Psilocybin Peer Supporter. Like Life Leaf and Better By Nature, Parker’s passion for natural remedies extends beyond any product. Folks can find natural remedies in many places and many ways.

Parker has found that some mushrooms are very beneficial to include in your diet to support healthy brain function, while other mushrooms can be beneficial to one’s spiritual journey. The importance of responsible consumption cannot be overstated, and that is part of why Parker has chosen to help guide folks on their journey with psilocybin. 

“There may be an entire world here of natural remedies that I’ve just been ignoring my entire life.”

How Did Mushrooms Find Parker?

After graduating college with a major in neuroscience and entrepreneurship, Parker up and moved from the east coast to the west coast, and would call Seattle home. With an open mind, he found a class that introduced him to mushrooms as natural remedies. Specifically, reishi mushroom tea. His first experience with mushrooms delivered immediately noticeable improvement. superfood granola natural remedies

The 18-month Challenge – A New Diet Every 30 Days

That’s right. A new nutritional regiment every month. Vegan, Keto, gluten free, carnivore, Whole 30, pescatarian, you name it, Parker tried it. Then at the end of the list of standard diets, he decided to try something unique. 

Supplement with only mushrooms. Remove all other forms of supplementation and only supplement with mushrooms. What happened? 

“That month was the most beneficial month I had out of the 18 months.” 

Passion for natural remedies and helping those around him, fueled Parker to take this newfound interest in mushrooms from his own diet, to creating a real product that he could share with others to prime their interest in mushrooms. From there, entrepreneurship took over. Like many young professionals, Parker agreed to join a friend at a networking event that happened to be a startup conference happy hour. Naturally, everyone there is expected to be working on a startup of some kind. 


“what are you working on?”

The inevitable question one can expect when attending a startup networking event. The obvious answer – mushroom granola. 

Parker Olson and the FORIJ Van

I’ll drive around the country

When asked for a pitch deck, did Parker just slap together a few slides with the standard business jargon investors want to hear? No. He got a van, branded it, and drove around the country approaching buyers about his mushroom natural remedies called FORIJ. 

Most of Parker’s entrepreneurial journey that has not been what anyone would consider “normal”. 

(Is there any such thing as a “normal” entrepreneurial journey?) 

Parker’s journey has been filled with adventure, adversity and connection as he continues to seek new ways to help people feel better and live better by relying on natural remedies. 

Check out Parker Olson’s episode of the Better By Nature Podcast to hear some of the stories from his adventures, and learn a little bit about what’s coming up next for FORIJ and Parker. 

Feel better today, Y’all! 


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