Better By Nature Podcast: Mark Samuel – Your Health For The Win!

Mark Samuel, Founder and CEO of IWON Organics - Health for the Win!

Meet Mark Samuel – Founder of IWON Organics

Mark joins the Better By Nature Podcast to talk about his priority on health. Mark has been an entrepreneur his entire professional career, with IWON Organics being his 7th and longest venture so far. He’s no stranger to adversity, and seems to have made peace with the fact that adversity comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur.

When asked about his biggest challenge in his career, Mark’s response, “All of them.”.

Mark is also a father, his top passion in life is his kids. He takes every opportunity he gets to tell people how important it is to find a healthy balance between personal health, family, and work.

“Your health has to be your #1 priority… because if you aren’t healthy, both physically and mentally,… you can’t help others.”

Mark Samuel

It may seem counterintuitive to prioritize personal health over your family, but if you don’t prioritize your personal health you will eventually not be capable of taking care your family. For Mark, that priority on health started from an early age. He recognizes that we need to have a healthy relationship with food to properly fuel our bodies for the challenges of each day.

We can’t just rely on white-knuckle discipline diets to get us by, because that causes our mental health to suffer, and that isn’t sustainable. We must find ways within our lifestyles to improve what we consume so we can sustain that create a long-lasting healthy relationship with our food. That then fuels our ability to be a better version of ourselves for the people closest to us.

What is Mark’s “back against the wall” moment?

Every week. Pick one. Ultimately, the most daunting position to be in is not knowing if you have the ability to survive. In business, that’s running out of money. When times get tough, all we can ask for is another shot at-bat. In Year-7 with IWON Organics, Mark still says they are just fighting for survival every day.

Mark Samuel - IWON Organics - Runner community at Expo West 2023. Health for the win!

Community-building is something that can be a natural remedy for a business through difficult economic times. Mark has built community in several different ways, and it’s really been unintentional. He simply fuels his passion for health every opportunity he gets, and welcomes anyone that’s interested in joining him.

As Mark sees it, there is no limit to what he can do to spread his message about prioritizing health. Even in a time where some conversations are not easy to have, we have to embrace honesty with each other as a natural remedy for society.

Health for the WIN!

Whether it’s building a healthy snacks business, building a professional community on Linkedin, or coaching his kids’ teams, Mark’s passion for health and natural remedies cannot help but lead the way. Health for the win!

Enjoy this episode of the Better By Nature Podcast, and feel better today, y’all!

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