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Life Leaf Remedies - Immune Support Multivitamin - Immune Armor

Most folks have lost faith in the conventional immune support multivitamin, because let’s be real – do they really work?

There are people close to me that historically were always sick. If there was a virus going around these folks were going to catch it. Some of them tried your common vitamin C powder in a drink, or a common immune support multivitamin, but nothing seemed to help them avoid getting sick.

I’m sure you have people you know that are like that. You are never surprised to hear they have a cold, or a sinus infection, or the latest bug that’s going around. It almost becomes part of their identity to be the one that just doesn’t feel well.

When our formulator started working on the Immune Armor formula, we didn’t realize these are the folks we would be helping. We were honestly just looking for things that made sense to pair with therapeutic cannabinoids like CBD.

The immune armor that actually works!

Once we finally were happy with the formula it was time to test it. How do you test the effectiveness of an immune support formula?

  • Find someone that gets sick frequently
  • See what happens

Ideally, that person never gets sick again. Realistically, that person feels an improvement in how the feel day-to-day, and they get sick less frequently.

In some cases we’ve seen dramatic results where a person went from getting sick 6+ times per year, to not having gotten so much as a mild cold since incorporating Immune Armor into their daily wellness routine for over a year. In this case the person was actually taking another immune support multivitamin prior to trying the Immune Armor, and that multivitamin didn’t seem to make much difference.

Am I suggesting everyone should expect results like this? Absolutely not. Simply sharing one of the more compelling stories about how Life Leaf Remedies is helping people feel better today with natural remedies.

Everyone has a unique set of circumstances that dictate our health; environmental, hereditary, cumulative personal decisions, and more. There isn’t a single brand or product that will satisfy and serve everyone the same.

What we’ve decided we CAN do, is find the right combination of natural vitamins to give you a better opportunity to improve your immune defenses, and make it as easy as possible for you to consume.

Why does Immune Armor work better than other immune support multivitamins?

The secret is in the synergy. That sounds like a buzzword to mask that our formula is not actually any different than other immune support multivitamins, but it’s not.

Definition of “synergy” – the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.

Put simply, this means the nutrients we’ve packed into our Immune Armor formula work much better for you when they are together, rather than when they are consumed separately.

It’s not uncommon for you to waste a lot of the vitamin supplements in your gut, rather than absorbing them the way you intend. There is a host of reasons for that, and we are diving into that topic in other blog posts about each individual super-ingredient in this formula.

What we’ve done to improve bioavailability – how well you absorb each nutrient – is invited hemp to the party. The cannabinoids naturally present in hemp extract can improve the bioavailability of other compounds consumed with it.

Life Leaf Remedies immune armor CBD capsules - loose capsules

Does your immune support multivitamin support your endocannabinoid system?

The cannabinoids stimulate your endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is responsible for helping maintain homeostasis in most bodily functions. The system responsible for making sure all of your other systems are working properly (ECS), is being stimulated while you consume nutrients that stimulate other systems in your body, such as your immune system. This helps those nutrients be used by your body more efficiently than they would be without hemp extract stimulating your ECS.

Armor up! Why not?

If you’ve been let down by other immune multivitamins that simply don’t work, put our Immune Armor formula to the test. We know others have failed you. We promise we are not the same. If our formula does let you down, we will provide you with a full refund.

Feel better today, y’all!

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