My Muddy Life: Introduction

My Muddy Life: 2017 Tough Mudder Finishers

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my muddy life! This will be a series of blog entries that track my training, and my crazy life, as I prepare for the 2023 World’s Toughest Mudder. It’s a 24-hour race on a 5-mile course, doing as many laps as we can.

The goal for us this year is 50 miles – 10 complete laps.

Who is us?

Myself, Myles Teteak, the Founder of Life Leaf Remedies. I’ve got 2 girls under the age of 5, a beautiful wife that is my hero, and we’re living on her family’s farm in Texas. My passion for natural remedies runs deep because of my family. There are too many not natural remedies out there these days that require too much compromise to solve the problems they offer to solve. I’m on a mission to prove the power of natural remedies, and hopefully convince a few of you to join me.

The other half of “us” is Dalton Goodier. Dalton and I have been running Tough Mudders together since 2015. When the World’s Toughest Mudder announced it would be in Texas in 2023, it was a no-brainer for Dalton and me, we had to sign up.

Dalton graduated from TCU, and continues to work at TCU as an admissions counselor. Between the two of us, Dalton is the marathon runner. I won’t even try to list his running resume because I will inevitably miss something. He’s run half marathons, full marathons, mud races, elevation races, and the list goes on. Eventually we will get him to go through his running resume.

The Big Question – Why???

What on earth would compel a couple of 33 year olds to want to run 50 miles through mud in 24 hours? That’s a fair question.

  1. It’s in TEXAS! This is something Dalton and I agreed we wanted to do almost immediately after finishing our first Tough Mudder back in 2015. The problem was always logistics. It’s not an easy thing to travel across the country for a race like the World’s Toughest Mudder. Every time we thought about it, it was just too much to plan for… until they announced it in Texas. Logistics problems are all but removed.
  2. We’re not getting any younger. A 50-mile 24-hour race is not going to be easy on anyone. The older we are, the harder it’s going to be to prepare and to run the race. No time like the present to commit to that thing you’ve been thinking about. There’s no guarantees we’re physically capable of doing this race the next time it comes around.
  3. Life is hard. This is our way of being hard back. Is it difficult raising 2 kids, while building a startup, living on a farm, and trying to maintain a happy marriage? Yes. Is it easier than doing all of those things while running 15-25 miles per week? Yes. If life is coming at you hard, pick up your weighted bat and start swinging. No one is coming along to make your life easier, but you can.
  4. We will also be raising money for an amazing cause to support tough MOTHERS. More info on that to come in July.

The Road To Recovery

This journey isn’t as nice and clean as two friends deciding to train for a race together. Back in March, Dalton had surgery to repair a torn ACL. I’m sure you’ve heard about athletes tearing their ACL, and then making a recovery in about 12 months. Dalton is aiming to recover from his in less than 7 months. He’s already cleared to run and has a couple runs under his belt now post-surgery.

It’s going to take discipline and grit to make it happen, but Dalton’s already well on his way.

Commitment to Natural Remedies for Training

I can’t speak for Dalton on this one, because he’s got a special set of circumstances surrounding his knee and the recovery path, but I will be sticking to the most natural supplementation plan that I can while training for this race.

Here’s what that looks like:

  • 2 (10 oz) cups of coffee in the morning
  • Lots of water!
  • Electrolyte beverages between water
  • 1-2 natural energy beverages per day
  • Life Leaf Remedies Immune Armor once per day to keep my immune system strong – Armor Up!
  • Cordyceps supplementation
  • Whole foods meals

Notice there’s no protein powder, or creatine, or anything like that. Yes, those things are natural, but my goal is to get the protein and calories I need from my whole foods meals. If I’m not able to maintain that, then I will need to find a good protein supplement, but so far it’s going well.

If you are interested in the electrolyte beverage, natural energy beverage, or cordyceps supplement, stay tuned. These are R&D formulas I am trying in hopes of implementing them into Life Leaf as products over the next couple of months.

When you get a product from Life Leaf Remedies, you are getting a product that our entire team believes in because they’ve experienced the benefits. We don’t just do token taste testing. We life-test our products so we know first-hand what to expect, and that our natural remedies really work.

All three of those formulas have performed wonderfully so far, so we’re very optimistic about bringing those natural remedies to y’all later this year.

Training log to-date:

  • April – 71 miles logged
  • May – 53 miles logged

You can follow our training progress on the Garmin app or the Strava app. Maybe you want to test yourself against us without committing to the race in November. That’s great! We would love to hear from anyone following along with our journey.

Feel better today, y’all!

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