Last Of Us Zombies Not Caused by Life Leaf Cordyceps

The Last Of Us Zombies From Cordyceps


Zombies are a threat to humanity in the hit video game and HBO series, “The Last Of Us”. These zombies are the result of a fungal infection caused by cordyceps. The show’s rising popularity has led to a flood of calls to our customer service team asking if folks need to be worried about turning into a zombie. 


Will Cordyceps Turn You Into A Zombie? 

You might have noticed that one of the main ingredients in our Life Leaf Immune Armor formula is cordyceps. So are we attempting to start the zombie apocalypse? No. 

What happens to you and me when we consume cordyceps is quite different than turning into a zombie. Much better, in fact. 

You see, there are multiple species of cordyceps. The type of cordyceps turning people into zombies in The Last Of Us is not the type typically consumed by humans. The evil fungus depicted in the hit video game and HBO series is a mutated version that is specifically targeting humans to turn them into zombies. The cordyceps typically consumed by humans is called cordyceps sinensis, which grows naturally and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. 

What is “Cordyceps”?

Cordyceps sinensis is a parasitic fungus that grows on the larvae of specific insects, and is harvested in the wild. It’s widely consumed as a health supplement because of its long-reported benefits. Benefits that include:

  • enhanced immune function
  • improved athletic performance
  • increased energy

Folks have also reported antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and even some reports of anti-cancer effects. Cordyceps are certainly an impressive natural remedy. 

Cordyceps will not turn you into a zombie


There’s certainly always room to learn more about cordyceps, but in the centuries of human consumption we have not yet observed a case of a human turning into a zombie. Beyond that, there have been numerous studies related to the safety and efficacy of cordyceps, and over time we’ve been able to confidently conclude that cordyceps are generally safe to consume. 

Cordyceps is safe, but how much is too much?

Great question. Even water can be fatally over-consumed, so we shouldn’t assume that anything is safe at all levels of consumption. Everything in moderation. 

Cordyceps are not a large item, so they’ve naturally been consumed by humans in relatively small amounts. There is not a standard recommendation for daily consumption, but a few trips around the search engine will produce a range of about 1-3 grams per day. Of course, it’s always best to consult your healthcare provider before consuming something new. 

The Life Leaf Immune Armor capsules have 125 mg of cordyceps per serving. So if there is a hypothetical risk associated with cordyceps, you’re not likely to experience that risk at the modest amount that’s in the Life Leaf Immune Armor capsules

Let’s pretend cordyceps sinensis IS the zombie fungus, it still wouldn’t turn YOU into a zombie.

How can we be so certain? Well, unless you are engaging with live cordyceps in the wild, the supplement you are consuming has been highly processed, and certainly is not alive once it reaches you. 

What does “highly processed” mean? It means the fungus has been heated and dried to kill potential pathogens, and purified to remove potential toxins. The powder you know cordyceps to be is not capable of turning anything into a zombie. It is, however, quite beneficial to consume. 

It is important to exercise caution any time you are interested in consuming something new, and consult with a healthcare professional. That said, the risks associated with cordyceps are minimal, and the risk of you turning into a zombie from consuming cordyceps is virtually zero percent. It’s literally never happened in hundreds of years of humans consuming cordyceps. 

Zombies from The Last Of Us


3 Natural Ways To Avoid Becoming A Zombie

  1. Follow your passion. If you are pursuing your passions, “studies” show you reduce your probability of becoming a zombie by at 65%. 
  2. Keep – or start – taking your cordyceps supplement. Now that you can rest assured that the natural, not evil, cordyceps supplement you’ve been taking will not turn you into a zombie, you should continue enjoying the benefits of cordyceps! (There’s cordyceps in Life Leaf’s Immune Armor 😉
  3. Stop worrying about becoming a zombie. There are a lot of scary things to worry about in this life, but becoming a zombie is relatively low on the scale of possibilities. 

Fortunately for us cordyceps lovers out there, “The Last Of Us” is just a great show and video game. No relation to the real-life cordyceps we know and benefit from. If something does cause a zombie outbreak, it won’t be cordyceps or any other ingredient in Life Leaf’s natural remedies. 

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